• LaRaba Sligh, L Style Me

Hey, Hey, Hey, Let’s get busy, what do you say?!

During this COVID, we have to stay busy and healthy at home, so here are some things that work for me, and I'm sure for you too:

Start your day - exercise for about 10 to 20 minutes, morning workout.

Make sure you - drink water or a healthy drink after your workout, I prefer a greens and plant base protein mix with either purified water or OJ - 50% less sugar. Goal - Try to drink at least 3 bottles of 16.9oz of water (one in the morning, afternoon, early evening) until you reach 1/2 your weight of water intake. Thank goodness your home☺️.

Eat - a bowl of oatmeal, my favorite is cinnamon and spice with honey.

Take up - a hobby like reading, coin or stamp collecting, gardening, cooking and baking.